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Automatic Roll Up Gates

Automatic Roll Up Gates

We are experts in Automatic Roll up Gates and our services are carried out by well trained and extremely knowledgeable technicians. We are well-equipped and dedicated to our work, offer 24/7 emergency services and promise thorough rolling gate maintenance.

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Gate Opener

Gate Opener

Our Gate Opener specialists offer 24 hour emergency motor repair for all roll up and storefront gate systems. We are knowledgeable of the newest systems, have the expertise to install and maintain them, and promise great replacement and repair services.

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Intercom System

Intercom System

Our contractors are knowledgeable of new age Intercom Systems for gates and provide exceptional installation and repair services. We know how to install and program intercom systems for all commercial and residential gates and can find the best one for your needs.

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Simple and clear answers for gate repair and door maintenance questions are provided by our experts

What are the usual applications for rolling gates?

Rolling gates are excellent for commercial establishments including stores, shopping malls, office windows and all gated properties. They'll also be great for gated residential communities according to our Automatic Gate Repair Brooklyn or even for family homes and every place that needs to be well-secured.

Do security grills need maintenance?

All rolling gates including security grills need good maintenance. They must be checked, lubricated, repaired and cleaned since they must be free of rust, dirt and problems that will make them stiff and won't allow them to slide properly or open and close down well.

What's the meaning of having speed bumps?

Speed bumps along the driveway will slow down the car. Otherwise, the driver might speed and bump into the gate. This is a precaution in order to avoid gate damage and accidents. Don't forget that children and pets could also be in your way.

What is the best type of driveway gate for a home?

Although there are several types of driveway gates like swinging, sliding or those that come with a pedestrian gate, it is best to use a sliding gate. These gates can be fitted almost anywhere and take up less space. Furthermore, they can also be automated.

Are there safety features in gate operators?

Just like garage door openers, most modern gate openers also come with safety features. They work in the same way the safety reverse feature in garage doors work. They usually make use of photo eyes as well as loop detectors. They reverse or stop moving when they detect obstacles as they close down.

Is it normal for the sliding gate chain to be saggy?

Yes, this is normal. In fact, the chain should be a little saggy in order for it to work properly. If it is too tight, it may cause poor gate performance and break sooner than expected. At the same time, the chain should not be too saggy. For standard chains with length between 12 and 16 inches, up to 2 inches sag is considered to be the norm.

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